Buying a home? Enjoy our full customer service approach

Buying a home starts with a conversation. We care about your story. The more we know about you and your needs, the better we can advise you and help to make your home buying experience as simple as possible. If you can't come for coffee at our office, then start with a phone call, email or even a text message to one of our sales representatives.


When working with buyers it is essential for us to know our clients beyond their "must have" list of home features. Yes, the home has to fit you, but so does the neighbourhood. We take the time to hear our clients' stories so that we can help them navigate through piles of listings and focus on homes that are most likely to fit their lifestyle.

User Experience

Buying a home is a major life event. Whether you are looking for your first home or forever home we want you to feel comfortable and confident that you are making the right decision for you. Sometimes people need to see a wide variety of homes before narrowing down what they need. We take the time to work through the pros and cons of houses and locations. Some people have a clear vision of what they are looking for and need us to help them find the home that fits their vision. We ensure that our clients are asking the right questions so that there are as few surprises as possible.


Whether you communicate best by mail or live on your smart phone, our agents will match your communication style. If you are comfortable with the internet we set up individual websites for each of our clients. We ensure our clients are updated as soon the price changes on one of their favorite properties or as new listings come up that fit their profile. Sometimes a few hours can make the difference between buying the home of your dreams or missing an opportunity.


Follow our office on social media. We have a facebook page, instagram and youtube channel where we post interesting information for local residents as well as our listings and open houses.