Selling a home? Enjoy our full customer service approach

Homes are full of memories and dreams. The decision to move and sell is always full of emotion. This is where RE/MAX Pursuit Realty comes in. We bring our unbiased knowledge based on experience, research and understanding of the local market. We work with home sellers to prepare them for their move while marketing their property at a price that maximizes their sale price within local market conditions.

Marketing Strategy

In order for your house to sell it is important that 1) people know your house is for sale and 2) prospective buyers come to see your house so that they can decide to buy it. Our marketing strategy focuses on ensuring that home buyers are aware that your home is for sale through a combination of online and print marketing. We then create opportunities for buyers to see your home through public open houses, realtor open houses and scheduled appointments with interested buyers.

User Experience

We want your selling experience to be a breeze. That means we take care of selling so that you can focus on your next move. Beyond marketing your home we save you the work of answering floods of questions from tire kickers looking for a deal. We show your home, host open houses and schedule showings for other realtors who will tour with their clients. We provide feedback on showings and update you on statistics about how many people are looking at your home online. From listing your home to sending firm deals to the lawyers, we are here for you every step of the way.

Making The Sale

Once an offer is received we help you understand the terms and conditions of the offer being presented. We provide insight into comparable sales and the market value of your home so that you can decide if the offer is acceptable. We work with you to create a counter offer, if needed, that meets your needs and expectations. If an offer doens't work for you then we support your decision. Ultimately the house is yours and all sale decisions are yours. We are here to advise so that you make the right decision for you. Once you and a buyer agree on terms we prepare the Purchase and Sale Agreement and send it to the lawyers so that you can focus on your move.


We know that most home buyers start their home search online. We ensure your home is listed on several major websites including (Canada's #1 real estate website),,, and other popular sites like kijiji. We also use targeted internet ads that appear throughout the web and are seen specifically by active home buyers. We know that your home needs to be seen in order to sell.


Follow our office on social media. We have a facebook page, instagram and youtube channel where we post interesting information for local residents as well as our listings and open houses. You can play an active part in marketing your home by liking and sharing our postes about your home. The more people who know that your house is for sale the better chance we have of finding the perfect buyer.


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